Midway Style Cocktail

This cocktail kit has been designed to resemble the classic lines of the Midway cokctail cabinet and is built using a sturdy 1/2" material.

This unique kit is designed to work with a Dell 2001FP or 2007FP monitor. 20.1" 4:3 IPS, has excellent viewing angles (important for a cocktail).

The kit comes with MDF control panels, top panel will have a rounded edge so it looks like a metal panel when finished with paint or vinyl.

Also included with kit are the translucent white plexiglass pieces that goes behind the control panel. You can back light these if you want to give a soft glow to your control panel.

Comes with 8 of my ABS black cocktail glass clips (pressure fit, no screws needed). This works with the standard replacement 1/4" thick Midway cocktail top you can find online (eBay, etc. not included). You'll want the version of the top with the 3.5" radius corners (NOT the 4" radius).

Top: 32" x 22"
Cabinet height (not including top): 26"
Cabinet width (not including top): 21"
Cabinet depth (not including top): 19"

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