Widescreen evo XR 2

Customers asked for it, here it is!  The widescreen evo XR.  Updated to be able to contain up to a 24" widescreen monitor.

This bartop was designed using floriske's plans (with his blessing) for the classic evo XR cade bartop. You can take a look at his project here:


Like the Ultimate Widescreen kit, this kit is designed for Sanwa controls for precision gameplay. The evo XR 2 will need 2 JLF joysticks and 22 OSBN 30mm buttons (screw in type). Also like the Ultimate Widescreen, this kit includes 2 hidden barrel hinges and powerful neodymium magnet latches to hold the control panel in place.

Internal width for the monitor is 23 inches.

Dimensions: Height 27.5" x Width (Main Cabinet - 24") (Control Panel - 27.65") x Depth 21"

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I hope it will be done in 3 weeks, text me 7144689822 if you need anything thanks.

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I have one of these and I love it. The control panel feels really roomy for a bartop, the angles are all great for playing for extended periods, and the whole thing take enough design cues from the classics while adding just enough of the new to make it feel like something really special. I was on the fence about it being 1/2" mdf rather than the 3/4" you see in some other people's kits, but the kit is better for it. It ends up being light enough that you don't feel like you're trying to pick up a safe, but still super sturdy. Perfect.

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