Ultimate Widescreen XL

The Ultimate Widescreen XL allows for a even bigger monitor than the Ultimate Widescreen or Widescreen kits. This kit can take up to 27" widescreen LCD with 25.5" of internal width.  Please ensure your monitor will fit 25.5" from left to right.

Control panel is set up for 2 players and was created with Sanwa controls in mind for excellent precision.  Control panel utilizes 2 Sanwa JLF joysticks, 16 30mm action buttons, and 6 24mm admin buttons (screw in types for both recommended).

The control panel can even accomodate a trackball while retaining the 8 action buttons per player, if desired.

This kit also makes use of hidden barrel hinges and magnet latches to attach the control panel. Barrel hinges (x 2) and magnet latches (x 2) included!

Assembly Instructions

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