Ultimate Vertical

Looking for a fresh design for a vertical cabinet? This was modeled after the popular Ultimate Widescreen kit, to provide a sleek cabinet with modern SHMUPS in mind.

Kit can fit a 22" widescreen LCD monitor comfortably.

Control panel is set up for 1 player and was created with Sanwa controls in mind for excellent precision. This kit also makes use of hidden barrel hinges and magnet latches to attach the control panel. Barrel hinges (x 2) and magnet latches (x 2) included!

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Overall, this bartop kit is quite good and I would recommend buying the product: - Wood quality is great and robust. Everything came extremely well protected. - The bartop feels quite big once assembled. - Easy system to put a 22 inches monitor inside. I recommend carefully measure your monitor, some 22 inches monitors are too big for this kit, - The kit is quite easy to assemble, even if no instructions are provided. You can use the instructions for the ultimate widescreen bartop kit, the kits are similar. - Once assembled, you still have a lot of space to put a raspberry, the extra cables, etc. There are a few flaws that could be a deal-breaker for some people: - Marquee on that model is in fact a hole in the admin panel (under the control panel), not an extra plate (like for instance on the Astro City). - No mechanism to open/close the back plate. You will want to use something to keep it in place. - Holes for buttons are 1 mm too big and there is nothing to keep the control panel plexiglass in place, except the buttons. If you use snap-in Sanwa buttons, the plexiglass will move (at least 3-4 mm). You will want to attach the plexiglass or use Sanwa screw buttons.

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