evo XR 2

This bartop was designed using floriske's plans (with his blessing) for the classic evo XR cade bartop. You can take a look at his project here:


Like the Ultimate Widescreen kit, this kit is designed for Sanwa controls for precision gameplay. The evo XR 2 will need 2 JLF joysticks and 22 OSBN 30mm buttons (screw in type). Also like the Ultimate Widescreen, this kit includes 2 hidden barrel hinges and powerful neodymium magnet latches to hold the control panel in place.

This kit would look great with a 20.1" 4:3 monitor. Internal width for the monitor is 19.85 inches.

Dimensions: Height 27.5" x Width (Main Cabinet - 20.85") (Control Panel - 24.5") x Depth 21"

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