So I took the Pretendo bartop kit and shrunk it down to 75% of it's original size and ended up with the Minitendo! Smaller, lighter, but still big on fun!

This little bartop comes in at 21" tall, 17.29" deep, and 14.29" wide (13.29" available internal width).

This bartop can take a horizonal monitor up to 15" (4:3) or a vertical monitor up to 17" (4:3). This is the ideal cabinet for a mini Fix It Felix or Donkey Kong style bartop.

Like all my kits, this will be slot cut to accept 1/2" T-molding. Don't like the button layout? Let me know, we can customize the design to better fit your needs!

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For Canada & International shipping outside the US, please contact us for a quote.


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